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• Global Cleantech Grows Business Sustainability
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• Respected by and Discreet Connections with other Businesses, Government Experts, Environmentalists
• Projects to Utilize Your Technology and Products, or Find What You Need to Optimize
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• Innovative Renewable Energy, Water Technology and other Clean Technologies are NOW!

Headquartered in Minnesota, USA, CleanBiz Horizons LLC is an Innovative Consulting Firm Specializing in Strategic Support and Tactical Implementation. Our Credentials, Experience and Passion can help Your Business Achieve Your Long and short term Goals.



  • About Brian H. Davis , CEO

    About Brian H. Davis , CEO


    Mr. Davis is a consultant, environmental attorney, Adjunct Assistant Law Professor and serves on government and non-profit boards and councils. He is a former in-house environmental attorney at 3M, Ecolab Inc. and the US Environmental Protection Agency. Brian holds a JD Law Degree, and Master of Arts in Sociology, with 30 years of environmental and business experience at local, State, U.S. and International levels.



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